Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A New Adventure...

The Spirit is stirring.

There is something in the air, on the breeze.

Winds of change?


If so, the face of change could take on so many different features.

In the dark I can’t make out these features.

Maybe it isn’t dark, though; maybe I’m just not wearing my glasses or contacts. As my husband so lovingly reminds me when he remembers that I can’t make out his facial features or the color and design of his tie when he is standing at the foot of the bed and I am sitting against the headboard without my glasses on, I am “pretty blind.” It could be that I have the same handicap spiritually and I am awaiting some corrective lenses to bring into focus the plans of the Father.

And I’m okay with that.

I will, in the meantime, continue to relax in my waiting room, which I imagine to be at a beachfront property with a cozy hammock to rest in and a fruity drink to refresh me as well as a severe lack of bugs.

I have some ideas of what could be on the horizon. I even have some solid inklings I’m going to begin pursuing.

One such inkling is to write.

I’ve already started a few children’s books that I’m excited about, even if I only ever print one copy for my own kids.

I’m starting to form the beginnings of a book about relationships. Not about romantic relationships, as I feel there are more than enough on that topic right now and Tom and I aren’t quite ready to write a book on marriage yet, as we dream of doing one day. A book on relationships in general: about our relationships with Almighty God and about relationships with other people. As you can probably tell from some of my previous posts, this is something that the Lord has been teaching me about for a couple of years now. I want to record what I am learning and share it with others that they might find freedom and truth and love and joy as I am finding on this journey.

Part of my pursuing this new adventure is blogging more often to practice communicating and to receive feedback on my thoughts and ideas and styles. I think I will create a new blog specifically for sharing what I am writing and getting feedback. So please keep reading and keep commenting. I can’t tell you that I am spectacular and have amazing, wonderful, profound things to say that you’ve never heard before. But I can tell you that I am a beloved daughter of the King and He might want to use me to shed light on truths locked away in your spirit by the power of His Holy Spirit in and through me.

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