Thursday, September 8, 2011

A Year in the Life...

of Josiah David Kushnerick.

A story of the first year or our son's life in pictures with captions from his perspective (pretty much):

This is my family getting ready for me to come.

My sisters didn't know what they were in for!

My Daddy couldn't wait to have a turn to hold me.

I was a pretty big baby growing in my mommy's tummy!

Hello world. Happy birthday to me!

My Daddy. He's a super hero.

My mommy. She was surprised I came so quickly!

My big sisters. I think we have a great future of mischief in store!

"Aunt" Ashley. She saved the day and helped Mommy deliver me at home. Oops!

Home again and getting my first bath. Not too sure about this...

Yep. I'm an angel.

I like these girls.

Hello, Cousin Alaina. Nice to meet you.

I'm practicing an Irish jig.

So sleepy.

I like to cuddle with my mommy.

Aww sister kisses! My favorite.

Yep. I'm pretty much a big deal.

Play hard; crash hard.

Okay Kylee, now take me to the dog food!

Okay, Mom, I'll pose in this ridiculous outfit, but only because I love you.

You can call me Siah Man. I'm gangsta, yo.

Merry Christmas! Not sure what this is all about, but there are lots of shiny things around and my sisters are super excited...

Just readin. I'll be out in a minute...

Hello, Grammy! Nice to meet you. So glad you could make it for Christmas!

So, now what? I'm a little cold here...

Just call me stud muffin. I'm ready to meet the ladies!

I crash like my Daddy. We're pretty cute like that.

Yum! I could get used to eating this way.

Yep, Daddy's happy I'm a boy!

Just layin' around. I will figure out how to get that shiny box thing with the flashy light from you soon...

I want the "My First Bacon." Think Geek is my favorite!

I'm soooo big!

What?! We weren't doin' nothin'.

Lookin' like a foo' with yo' pants on yo' head!

Okay, now how do I get out of this?

Mmmmm delicious coffee!

Wait; I think this might be the wrong end... How do you work this thing??

Hi Mom! I'm ready to get up now. I can stand up now, too! 

Hey, where'd my snack go?? I kind of feel like Franken-baby...

Ridin' along in my automobile...

Happy Easter, Daddy! We're lookin' good!

Juuuuuuuust plant a watermelon right on my grave and let the juice **sssslllllluuuurrrppp** slip through

Smiling's my favorite! Especially when I'm wearing Daddy's hat.

As soon as she looks away, I'm going to get that toy from Maxine...

Snuggling with my Grammy makes me so happy!

Shark fin soup? Why wait to make it into soup?

My first baseball game. I really enjoyed watching all the people.

I'm not slee..... zzzzz

I will get out of here. Just you wait!

My sisters really wanted me to stay put, but I just wanted to get that camera Mommy was holding. It seemed like more fun!

Oooooo! Awwww! Sparkles! Happy 4th of July!

I know, I'm pretty cute. I can't help it.

Forget the Humpty Dumpty, Daddy, just put me back in the water!

Down came the rain and washed Josiah out!

Nom nom nom
Sunny nap.

I'm king of the Mommy! And rockin' this bulky blue thing, if I do say so myself.

Ready, Mommy? Here I come!

Spaghetti! I'll take any excuse to get all messy. It was yummy too!

Sometimes I put Grammy to sleep. She gets tuckered out, too.

I totally got this.

Hey! When you gonna catch something on that stick? I want to see a real live fish!

Hi Grampy! Nice to meet you.

Happy Birthday to me!

Now I'm 1 year old and I'm soooo big!!!

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