Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Lawn Yawns

So it is spring here in Colorado, with everything that comes with it: rain, sunshine, mud, allergies, bi-polar weather... We have been living in our house for 4 years now and the yard has been the bane of our existence (and our obssessive, retired neighbors' existence). Our yard has commonly been referred to as a "jungle," "death trap," "eye sore" and I'm sure many other lovely terms. Every year we say, "This will be the summer when we will have enough money to actually do something about our yard," and every summer it goes neglected and we get nice bright-colored notices on our door every month threatening us if we don't mow the lawn or water the [weeds]. On all of these notices the "threat" is that the property manager will come and do it themselves and charge us a fee. Several times we shrugged exhaustedly at this and figured that would do just fine; they own the land and they're the ones who are upset about what it looks like, why shouldn't they do it themselves??

So this year we had the promise from the property management that they would come till the yard if we got all the weeds and [stuff] out. We had a young man from church who is raising money for his mission trip to Israel this summer come clean up the yard. Last Friday the property management came and tilled the yard. It was... exciting?... exhilerating?? Meh... it was mildly amusing.

Then it rained... for 4 days.

Now we have an ample mud pit in our front yard.

Should be an interesting summer!


  1. Photo courtesy of Kristen Good.

  2. :) Thanks Shel! You gonna let the littles roll in the mud?? That'd be fun! ;)