Sunday, May 13, 2012

Honeycomb Tombs: An Album in Review



These things are a natural side effect of living. That doesn't make them easy, though.

What do you say to a 15 year old boy whose mom just died of breast cancer? Or a first time mom whose baby unexpectedly died shortly after he was born? Or a close friend who just had a miscarriage? Or a friend whose unborn nephew would not survive once he was born?

There are no magic words. There is no "easy" button. In times like these, perhaps silence is golden.

But what if there was something you could give to them to accompany them on their journey with grief? Or if you had something to accompany you if you find yourself on that journey?

Karla Adolphe, a beautiful person and incredible musician, has put together just that. Her new album, Honeycomb Tombs, is full of songs to aid in the grieving and healing process, no matter what that might look like. I have never heard a more hauntingly beautiful voice or been so deeply moved by such an anointed heart. Every song on this album stirred emotions within me that I didn't realize existed. I have been spared many sorrows in my own life but have had my heart wrenched by the sorrows of those around me and I believe that this is a beautiful gift from the Father Himself.

The song "Invisible Lines" was one of the first I heard from the album and will stick with me forever. The lyrics say: "our hearts broke at the same time... torn across invisible lines... mine was still beating... yours said goodnight..." Just one simple example of the fabulous way Karla has of painting word pictures for what we see with our hearts.

This album is completely free and available to download on May 15. I urge you to add it to your own music collection and share it with everyone in your world. Even if you aren't currently in a state of dealing with loss or grief this music will seep into your soul and minister to you in a profound way.

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